Well... not really!!!
Tampered with the alignment a little... made just a few colour changes...

Feedback please!!
By Aravind on Saturday, May 13, 2006 at 7:47 AM Post Categories:
  1. Musically Me

    this looks better....good job

  1. Tamizhan

    Super da.. Looks a bit like Prav's but its totally in..

  1. Aravind

    @ MF:
    thanx :)

    @ Scudie:
    I thought only my prev template looked like Prav's!! ;)

  1. Vani Viswanathan

    okay...lots of blue! :)

  1. Subramanian Ramachandran

    semma cool machi :)

  1. Aravind

    @ Vani:
    he he :) Blue is my fav color nu solli thaan theriyanumaaa ;)

    @ rsubras:
    thanx :)

  1. Shriedhar

    looks better :)

  1. Unknown


  1. Subramanian Ramachandran

    new template - O.K

    new post - where????

  1. Aravind

    Pudhu post pottachu!!! :P

  1. Mythreyee

    hey aravind.. luv da new template! nice job!!! :) yea, on a blog-visitin spree after a long long time.. hopefully wil b more reg frm now on.. :)

  1. Aravind

    @ myth:
    thanx :)

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