"Kannathil Muthamittaal - oru dheivam thandha poove "

There are 2 different versions of this brilliant song - one rendered by Chinmayi and the other by Jayachandran. I wanted to get the best of both in one song, and thus mixed both to get this duet version. Check out the sample (I have reduced the quality of the sample to minimise file size. The Full song is of good quality). Feedback welcome... my first try at mixing!!

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U can download it here or here.
Have trouble downloading? Mail me... i'll send it to u
By Aravind on Friday, March 17, 2006 at 3:08 PM Post Categories:
  1. Kaps

    this might be of interest to you -

  1. Ramya Shankar

    Load aagala...

  1. Aravind

    @ Kaps:
    Thanx for the link

    @ Ramya:
    donno why.. it jus requires flash player.. nothing more... and it is working on 2-3 comps that i checked.. try again.. :)

  1. Narayanan Venkitu

    Fantastic Creativity Arvind.!! Came here from Capri.!! Loved every bit of it.

    Great song, great singing by Chinmayai and Jayachandran..and great work here by mixing them.!!

    Quality is ok..I am sure as you do more of these..it will become better.

    Look forward to more such creativity.!!

  1. Aravind

    @ Narayan:
    Thanx a lot :)
    BTW, I had deliberately reduced the quality of the sample to minimise file size.. the full song is of good quality... u can download it !

  1. che sara sara

    will download and tell u...nice blog man..

  1. Narayanan Venkitu

    I did download it...Its awesome.!! Was truly mesmerized.
    Thanks a lot.

  1. Aravind

    @ NV
    Thanx :)

  1. G

    yea buddy it has been a while, how have you been?

  1. Aravind

    @ Sophia:

    @ Tanya:
    Mez fine... :) thanx :)

  1. Anand

    hi..hopped in here from NV sirs page... nice work.. the duet looks cool :)

    first time here.. what software u use for mixing?? cool edit pro.. ??

  1. .:: ROSH ::.

    Reached here from NV's blog.
    Heard the sample and after tryin for longtime i was able to download the song. Wonderful mixing, its like best of both versions. way to go!
    Would like to listen more songs so pls keep posting more.

  1. Aravind

    @ anand:
    thanx :)
    I used a software called MP3 mixer

  1. Aravind

    @ Magic Lens:
    Thanx :)
    would love to mix more songs provided there are songs like this ... ;)

  1. Ani

    good work Arvind ...this sure is interesting to hear ...


  1. Anonymous

    Really nice one

  1. Aravind

    @ ace:
    thanx :) great to see another Rahmaniac here :D

    @ pras:

  1. Anonymous

    Great work Dude !!

    -- Sathish

  1. Anonymous

    Did you snatch from Sivamani Lol!

    Perfect! Sounds like a true mix from ARR & Co.


  1. ambi

    wow! this is an excellent remix.
    unable to download the whole file as access denied in off :(

    even my frnz liked it though they don't understand tamizh.
    Hi, first time here...

  1. Hameed

    hey great work dude.. loved every bit of it.. expecting more such rahmanish stuffs from ya..

  1. Aravind

    @ Satish:
    thanx :D

    @ Sacle:
    >>Sounds like a true mix from ARR & Co.

    Wow...... thats a great compliment :)
    Thanx :)

  1. Aravind

    @ Ambi:
    thanx.. can mail it to u if u want :)

    @ shahul:
    thanx :)

  1. Prasanna SV

    :-) Pretty nice. Was abt to ask you abt the software used and found it in one of the comments. Keep them coming!
    Btw, came here dereferrencing link in ARRahmanFans YahooGroups.

  1. Aravind

    @ Prasanna:
    thanx a lot :)

  1. Shriedhar

    couldn'town load the songs :(
    btw,r u in final year?

    so wot abt ur placements??

  1. Blabber-blogger

    Awesome job Aravind.. :) I was not sure whats diff in the first place.. n then the tubelight in my head lit..:P Thats a compliment now... :D Great work.. another sound engg in making..

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

    Wow..Duet version??? SSounds interesting. Will try downloading this weekend. You have nice archives..

  1. Aravind

    @ shriedhar:
    mailed u the file!

    @ amnesia - sorry nyneishia:
    that is indeed a compliment!!! :D thanx :D

  1. Aravind

    @ ponnarasi:
    try it and tell me abt it :)
    and thanx :D

  1. Anonymous

    Quality is average da.. Good mixing though!

  1. Aravind

    @ thamizhan:
    thanx da :D

  1. Sreekrishnan

    Hey sorry if this sounds other way ... but I have already mixed this using Sound forge and Acoustica mixer, If you want i can send you my entire song ! .... not sure how u did it ...but thatsmall play mix exactly resembled mine !

  1. Sreekrishnan

    I even made a club remix of RA RA ! .. of course not associataed with rahman but still FYI !

  1. Aravind

    @ sreekrishnanv:
    I am not clear what u want to convey by ur comment here... But, i would appreciate if u listen to the full mix before u comment... I havent come across any mix of these two songs... and i wanted to listen this as a duet and did it.. I used Acoustica too...

  1. குமரன் (Kumaran)

    Very nice song Aravind. I listen to this song whenever I get a chance. Listen to it today because of you. Thanks.

  1. Aravind

    thanx a lot!

  1. Sreekrishnan

    to make it clear .. i just said that even I too mixed it up ... if you want i can send it across to you !

    btw even the one i did is a duet style mix !

  1. Aravind

    @ Srikrishnan:
    sure... send it across!

  1. Anonymous

    Do you know of any mixing freeware for Linux.

  1. Anonymous

    I forgot to mention that the song sounds very good. Couldnt listen to the full song as the maximim number of downloads had been reached.

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    thanx a lot..

    BTW, both the links are working, and i was able to download from both the links ;) pls try again... or mail me...

  1. Anonymous

    Same anonymous again.Got the song and it sounds very very good. I am a big fan of rahman and appreciate other good music in the tamil industry. What you have done here may not be original but you have shown very good skills in mixing which in itself is not an easy job. Congratulations. Some parts of your mix sounds like it is from the man himself.

    The female version of the original is at a slightly higher scale than the male version. Did you scale down the female version while mixing. Also did you cut out some of the background music from one of the versions while the mix contains both female and male voices.

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    thanx a lot :)
    >> Some parts of your mix sounds like it is from the man himself.
    Thats the greatest compliment i could get... thanx ;)'

    BTW, i did not scale down any part, nor did i cut out any background music... I would never tamper with His music :)

  1. Natti

    My anonymity is broken....:) Both the songs are sung at different scales. But they somehow seem to match here in your mix. The areas of the song where you have merged both male and female voices is where I aksed you if you had to cut out the BGM from one of them. BTW, do you have that BGM from KM which goes sattena nanaidhadu nenjam.... and comes up when Maddy and simran fall in love....

  1. Aravind

    @ Natti:
    As i sed, i did not cut out BGM at any part... and i dont find the scales of the two songs to be different...
    coz, i tried mixing "sotta sotta nenaiyudhu tajmahal" song, and the female version in that was one note lower... It wouldnt match at all... but here, there was absolutely no problem...

    BTW, I do have that song "sattena"... will mail it to u shortly...

  1. Natti

    Hi aravind,
    Whatever... but the mix sounds very good Period
    Am not sure if you will be able to see my email address in my profile.
    Would be great if you send the email to
    n a t t i 8 9 @ y a h o o dot com
    without the spaces and the dot becomes . ofcourse.
    Thanks a million. I just love that sattena song.

  1. Anonymous

    hi man . can know how do u mix these songs. i have a vrey keen intrest in it. plz do hepl me man

  1. Anonymous

    hi man the mixins great im fascinated. i have a keen intrest in this man . plz tell me how do u do this . plz help me

  1. Anonymous

    Arvind, Can you mail me this song.

  1. Anonymous

    Really a gr8 one.... I love this song!!! Nice to hear both versions of this at a time...

  1. Manoj

    Do you have the "sattena nanaindhadhu nenjam" song from that movie? Such a wonderful song. I'm searching for that song since long.

  1. Anonymous

    Great article! Thanks.

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for interesting article.

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent website. Good work. Very useful. I will bookmark!

  1. surfcats

    Great mixing. I'm planning to use the song for my baby's montage. Are you able to send it to me? My e-mail add is surfcats@gmail.com

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