When I saw this Calvin strip, I was immediately reminded of the 2007 Cricket World Cup grouping list released recently! ICC brings in new teams every world cup - last time it was Namibia; Scotland, UAE and Canada in the past! These teams come out to bat, get bowled out in first 30 overs and the stronger team finishes the match in 20 overs. Or, if they field first, concede 300 odd runs and get bowled out for 150! These teams usually are out of world cricket after these severe thrashings from the biggies - barring very few teams like Kenya and Bangladesh, which have survived for a longer duration. And for the next tournament, ICC brings in new teams.

For the next edition of the world cup, it is going to be Bermuda! The main reason for bringing in new teams is to promote Cricket in these countries. After some heavy thrashing these teams recieve from biggies, how will anyone from their country be interested in Cricket? How will a strong team be formed? Won't this have a negative effect, rather than a positive one?

If ICC wants to promote Cricket in many countries, this is just not the way. ICC can organise training camps, inculcate interest by holding many series among non-test playing nations, help them form strong teams - then bring them into a huge tournament such as this.

Will ICC change its policy?
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