One fine morning in Mumbai. Shakti comes from kitchen and finds Karthik still sleeping. “Mani ettu aachu… ezhundhudhu Karthik”, she screams playfully. Seeing her in a ravishing green saree, Karthik gets up and starts singing “Pachai Nirame Pachai Nirame…”. “Poda… aarambichittiya kalangaathala….”, whines Shakti, blushing. But, she enjoys it herself. She loves any reference made to Alaipaiyuthe, as their names match those of the lead pair of the movie. Also, this was exactly how Karthik had impressed her in college, not long back!

K continues singing and switches on the TV. Suddenly K stops singing, midway. S comes out from kitchen saying “Yaen niruthitta? Enna aach…” and she too goes spell bound on looking at the picture on TV. Sharmila Chinnasami’s voice was miratti-fying as usual “Bambaai (Mumbai) arugae road-in naduvil migap-periya thimingalam. Ulaga vignyaanigal viyappu.”

“Haiyyo… anga aepdi thimingalam…enna aachu-ne theriyala.. seekram vera chaanel-a maathu…” screams Shakti in excitement. Karthik switches to CNN. “Breaking News: Miracle in Mumbai” flashes on the screen. Same picture here too. Lots of cars crushed. Buildings damaged. Helicopters are flying all over, getting coverage for various news channels. A reporter catches one totally shocked scientist and asks for his opinion. “This is totally unbelievable. World's largest mammal in the middle of the city... that too about 50 kilometres from the sea! I am totally confused, as all other scientists. We can’t figure out what caused this. This has baffled the entire scientific community all over the world. This huge thing has just appeared out of nowhere!!!”

And then the camera pans to another side covering the damage. S exclaims “Hey! K... Anga paaru… Namakku nalla therinja area madhiri irukku… looks very familiar!!!”

K agrees "Hey!! Aamam… Namma usual-a pora Murugan Koil paaru background la...”

"Haiyoo... paavam andha area people. Problem mela problem… nethu night anga 'alai paainjidhu'. Bodhi Laboratories - Gajaala Sottu Neelam Factory-la edho accident.. Edho tank vedichiduchu-nu en friend fone pannaa… Indha thimingalam news vandhadhaala andha news pathi ellarum marandhutanga!”, adds S.

K shouts “Yaay!!! I have cracked it.”

“Enna aachu? Enakku onnum puriyala!”

He runs to the room and scribbles something on a sheet of paper and shows it to her… A wide smile spreads on her face – “adappaavi.. Ellarum anga kozhambittu irukkaanga! idhu thaana reason?".

Yes... K had cracked it!!!

This is what K showed S.

PS: This post is dedicated to Curses! Yaaru thitradha irundhalum, avanukku thaan modhalla
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  1. Harish

    it says page not found!! :( check link pls..

    chaa, enna maati vitta vishayam enna nu kooda theriliye..

  1. Harish

    but the kadi section of my brain says gajala sottu neelam BLUE and Murugan kovil VEL were responsible :)


  1. Aravind

    kadi mannan curses avargale,
    unna vella mudiyumaa :D

    (Link correct pannitten ba... nee ivlo fast-aa iruppe nu nenaikkale.. naan test pannradhukkulla, vandhu paathu comment-um ezhudhitte :))

  1. WA

    Idhellam padichittu vandhu comment panra enna sollanum. GRRRRRR

  1. Anonymous

    hey,idhula ethukku alaipaayudheyva intha maadhiri oru mokka comedy ku izhuthu adha kevalapaduthuna??

    evvalavu edanjal panranga pa..........


  1. Sheks

    idhellam oru mokkai-nu solli thalaivar curses-oda linkayum kuduthirukkae.colour pic pottirunthaa nalla irunthiukkum.B & W photo pottu sodhappittiye!

  1. Mythreyee


  1. Ramya

    me tooo found out, the murugan kovil gave it away maybe....! But edhukku alaipayuthey va insulting???

  1. Sandhya Ramachandran

    aiyooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! oru Kadi king porathu-nu ippo Kadi-prince vandhutttane!!!! Thaaaaaaangala!!!! :)
    Ujala-ku vena Ad idea kudu!!! And u KNOW SIVAMANI???? WOW!!!!

  1. Aravind

    @ WA:
    Thanx for visiting :D
    BTW, naan sonna madhiri Kovam ellam first Curses mela :D

  1. Aravind

    @ anon(hrishi), ramya:

    Idhula alaipayudhe va engaiyum insult panna madhiri enakku theriyala ;)

  1. Aravind

    @ Sheky:
    adappaavi.. adhu B&W "photo"-vaa?? evlo kashta pattu pencil sketch panni irukken!

  1. Aravind

    @ Vasu:
    Yaaay.. mission accomplished!

  1. Aravind

    @ Sandhya:

    romba danks... "Kadi prince" - indha pattam nalla irkkae!!!

    Unakku kooda thaan Sivamani theriyum.. aana, whats special is Sivamani-kku enna theriyum ;)

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