It seems Deepa Mehta's Water may not release in India, thanks to the protests by the Hindu Fundamentalists :( So, the music too will not release in India. Water is the only album for which Rahman himself has given 10/10.

Are we going to miss this masterpiece totally?
The music actually leaked on the net - it is wonderful. However, the audio quality is poor. The original CDs have been shipped to those who have ordered it online - but not for India - It seems, there is a note on the CD label: "Not for sale in India and Pakistan" :( Heard that there is lots and lots of additional programming and strings backing in all songs which beautifies the song more and more.
The movie is creating waves in many film festivals the world over. It also features in the list of top-10 Canadian movies of 2005. The movie is critically well acclaimed too, and Deepa Mehta is receiving applause and appreciations for the movie all over. It's a pity that the dirty politics in India deprives us of such a beautiful movie and the masterpiece of the Asian Mozart.
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  1. Anonymous

    You can download it from, there is a version at 320 kbps which sounds amazing.

    This album is amazing, especially Saki ayo Re.

    Looking forward to a review.

  1. Aravind

    @ anon:
    but my concernIt is just about downloading and listening... It is that this masterpiece might go unrecognised :(

  1. Anonymous

    To be very honest, I reall don't think that Water would have been recognized if it were released in India. This album seems to be aimed at the classes and not the general India public like RDB is. None of the 5 songs ARR did on the album have much commercial appeal to them, especially considering the kind of crap people like to listen to now. (Ashiq Banaya Aapne and Garam Masala).

    Anyways, hope you download the album. The quality is superb. Also, the instrumentals by Mychael Danna are very well done.

  1. Tamizhan

    Torrent iruka bayam yen! Censorship is dead, long live censorship...

  1. Aravind

    @anon & Thamizhan:
    I have the album.. as i said, ppl must at least know that such a movie is rocking the world and ARR is associated with this :D

  1. Tamizhan

    Hmm i gues the publicity part is up to bloggers like us!

  1. Aravind

    @ Scudie:
    hmm... edho nammalaala mudinjadhu :)

  1. Anonymous

    i cant download i from has to invite me ...sob sob

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