A.R.Rahman has always said that he wants to break all barriers like religion, language, nationality etc., with his music. And, here is an instance - people in Uzbekistan may be dancing to "Kaadhal Sadugudu/Aye Udi Udi (Alaipayuthey/Saathiya). yes...Iroda Dilroz, a famous pop-singer from Uzbekistan has used this tune for her song, Sevgi Sedosi. Of course, with due credits to A.R.Rahman!

Watch the song here:

PS: Does anyone know what language is it? Found the lyrics here
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  1. Anonymous

    Its the power of rahman music, which is appreciated throughout. Earlier on we saw his BGM of Bombay being used in a hollywood movie, "Lord of War". Very soon we can expect a Hollywood number from him.

  1. Anonymous

    Oba Aa Nisaa



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