Vishal-Shekhar - This music director duo were touted as very good after the release of Jhankar Beats and were referred to as "musical whiz-kids who are about to rock hindi film music". But now, with the movie Salaam Namaste they have proved that they are in no way different from copy cats like Anu Malik, Nadeem-Shravan, Ismail Durbar and Jatin-Lalit.

The song "My Dil goes hmmm..." is a total rip-off of a background music in Swades (the scene where Gayatri Joshi helps Shah Rukh in tying dhoti). It is a note-be-note copy of the above-said BGM. It is absulutely disgusting to see these people getting famous by doing nothing more than a copy-paste job.

Here are the two clips:

My Dil Goes mmm

Swades - Dhoti BGM

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By Aravind on Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 10:38 PM Post Categories: , ,
  1. Anonymous

    Never thought about that. I mean the beats and the rhythm of the song is of the hook but no wonder it came from the genious (Rehman).

  1. Kirthi

    Aha so true. I would never bothered to find out. But I guess it'll go unnoticed and is so not fair. I mean even if people got to know about it, these guys would continue to rake in the moolah just like mr. Anu "Copy-cat" malik did.

  1. Anonymous

    Basically... They both (rahman and v-s .. Used the same big deal

  1. Anonymous

    Vishal-Shekhar dont deserve a RD Burman award for various reasons. they have lifted songs from nepali songs also .like the very famous 'Musu Musu Hasi'is avery popular nepali song. Also the title track groove of the new film 'Golmal'is a straight lift from Sean Pauls 'Temperature'.Also they gained popularity from 'Ek main Aur ek tu hai' sung by Abhishek Bachan is a lift from Beyonce s new album..and there are so many in the list.Its sad that the big bollywood actors like Abhishek also sing their lifted songs.Its a shame on them..Its time to do some real time work duos.

  1. Sourovi De

    That's outrageous....the two soundtracks are oceans apart....
    Vishal-Shekhar have a unique style, their freshness quotient is too high to stoop to such levels.

  1. Anonymous

    you are so right! vishal and shekhar copied sean paul's temperature for golmaal...its all vishal...its cuz he likes hip hop and i guess he thinks its okay to copy a western artist.

  1. Anonymous

    yup...that sure is a rahmans music still sounds better....swades was awssome! great songs and movie

  1. Anonymous

    And you thinh Rehman has never copied or been "inspired"!

  1. virangana rana

    Is Chaiya Chaiya an original? Is Dil hai chhota sa from Roja not a copy?

    And AR Rehman deserves all the awards and accolades he gets?


  1. Anonymous

    wow! so do you mean that Rehman doest copy music? Check out this link

    I like Rehman's music but stop saying someone a copycat..even Rehman is a copycat

  1. mait

    its very difficult to get new music everytime.. m nt saying that it means u copy.. bt m sure they havn't copied it.. it is very much possible to have same tune.. this was jus 2-3 notes common.. n if ppl don't understand wat are 2-3 notes .. then m nt xplaining.. m a singer.. so i knw it! n so its nt a big deal if its a few notes same.!

  1. Anonymous

    Did u hear title song of cash. Black eyed peas copied this tune from Pulp fiction theme song and now bollywood copied it too. Its not abt the catchy tunes, its about the tag we attach to our music director that they are creative...its a piece of bull sh*t. Any tom, dick or hary music director can buy Rs 2 million worth of music mixing instrument and copy a hollywood tune to suit indian taste....vishal shekar r the most overrated music director who spend whole day watching western videos to copy one...cause their creative brain cells are

  1. Anonymous

    the music from sean paul's temperature is NOT the same as Golmaal!! it's a bit similar- the music in sean paul's temperature is a lot faster and it has ups and downs in various places- when golmaal doesn't match it at all!! go listen to the song again!!

  1. Vinaya Kurtkoti

    Okay,all those ignoramuses who think that 'temperature' sounds like the golmaal song,i would suggest an ENT specialist..something really wrong with your ears...or brain.

  1. Vinaya Kurtkoti

    *ENTC*...typo error

  1. Anonymous

    Nobody makes 100% original music these...not even AR Rahman he has also copied tracks like from backstreet boys- hum dum suniyo re n more but as some one said he can receive awards n appraisal so y not vishal-shekar cant say anybodys not worth it cos of a few copied music. ppl may copy when they like the original so much n want to have it.

  1. Shekhar Ki Deewani

    Vishal-Shekhoo may have copied the tracks etc...but yes, plz point out one Music director who's not done so...seriously..atleast it isnt so obvious when one hears their music...dey r gettin the hip hop culture, rather beautifully in de indian context, for which dey must be lauded..Heck, even SD burman used to copy...most B/W film music were copied from western movies...what about that???

  1. Anonymous

    I feel the starting part and tune of Rehman's Rubaroo from Rang de Basanti has striking resemblance to and feels inspired from Breakfast at Tiffany of Deep Blue Something. What do you guys says?

  1. Anonymous

    AR rahman is no good...even he has copied example is if u hv heard o humdum suniyo re...he copied the music from one of backstreet boys song...
    now wat do u ppl hv 2 say.....

  1. mahen

    these 2 tracks are not very close ... well if it is cant 2 persons think alike? ... its take a genius to do it and i suppose Vishal and shekar fall in that category anyway..Rahman is also good no doubt about that..... we love all them in Australia...

  1. tina

    both r drsv too all award.
    they done gr8 job always.
    VS music is awesame.....
    GOD bless both of them
    and shekhar ur mind blowing.

  1. Anonymous

    rahman's creations are not entierly copied from other songs.he has inspired from other songs.everybody knows he is famous for his classic works like jodha akbar , guru etc and these tune are not copied .look around other composers like vishal shekhar who copy's entirely.even international bands have copied from rahman's tune watch the video's on youtube...

  1. Anonymous


  1. Dhruv

    I have an entire collection of the copied or inspired AR rehman's songs. Let me know if should post it here.

  1. Anonymous

    do so

  1. Sri Rama Krishna

    You are big fans of AR Rehman, that is fair. But, he is a COPYCAT and it is true man. He has been copying from his very first film ROJA. There are many proofs that he is a COPYCAT. Every music compose in India copies the foreign music. It's been happening for years.

    So, realize the fact that these people are not creators of the greatest music.

    AR Rehman still the greatest Indian music composer.

    But, don't fool yourselves that he is pure and god.

    Damn I'm sick of it.

  1. villavan

    ARR has on many occasions resorted remixing as a ploy to satisfy Thamizh music fans. When he entered the industry with the movie "Roja" he had to keep his genre as far away from Maestro-Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja as possible to create an impression amongst the listeners, which he achieved with the Reggae style "Chinna Chinna Aasai". Subsequently it was diagnosed to be a lift off from a Reggae king.This particular act even further probably motivated/instigated "Thaenisaith Thendral" Deva to score a similar Reggae song in "Naerukku Naer" - "Akila Akila".
    Coming back to ARR, his conscientios effort and compulsion to keep himself away from genre of Ilaiyaraajaa inevitably placed his genre closer to that of MS Viswanaathan. That is probably the reason many a beginnings of ARR's song had elements of MSV.
    Eg "Roja Roja Roja Roja" from Kaadhalar Thinam vs "Chippiyirukkuthu Muthumirukkuthu" from "Varrumaiyin Nirram Sivappu".

    "Vennilavae Vennilavae Vinnhaith Thaandi Varuvaayaa" of Minsaarakkanavu had glimpses of "Kallellaam maanhikkak Kallahumaa" of Aalayamanhi.

    The same source of Aalayamanhi of was used as an inspiration in a more prominent manner in the song "Sollathey Solaikkilhi" of AlliRaajyam(?).

    The same reason of having to keep away from Ilhaiyaraajaa made his folk compositions that he made for "Kizhakkuch Cheemaiyilae" drew a bit from Paagap Pirivinai's "Thaazhaiyaam poomudichchu". The same song became inspiration for the group song he composed for the movie "Thenaali".

    This is the same reason which made ARR scurrying for interiews
    to many magazines to defend his tune for "Azhahaana Raatchasiyae" of the movie Muthalvan and to emphasise that it was different from "Chinnak Kanhnhan Azhaikkirraan" of Ilhaiyaraajaa.

    I used to say as a prediction to my close friends, after hearing the percussion orchestration in the movie "Roja" (End part of "Rukkumanhi" song), that one day he would copy parts of "Maa" from the album "Great Expectations" and/or the other instrumentation from "Mike Theodore's Orchestra"; and he proved me right by including the parts of "Maa" in Dil Se(H)/Uyirae(Tha) in the song "Kaathaliyae Nee Engae". However the MD of "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" stole the thunder of Mike THeodore's Orchestra.

    The rhythm of "Maa" was also adopted by Deva in his song "Aey Hey Keechchuk Kilhiyae".

    But the one single reason for which I will never ever forgive ARR is that he is the first man who started the corrupting of Thamaizh pronunciations with his songs of "Kaadhal Thaesam- Muttrrup pulliyae" and "Vandhae Maatharam-Ilaignar kaalam".

    All this leaves me to ask something akin to what Kamalahaasan asked in the movie "Mahaanathi": "Oru Nallavanukkuk kidaikka vaendiya ella mariyaadhaiyum oru kettavanukkuk kidaiththu viduhirathae!!"

  1. Immanuel

    AR RAHMAN'S ''mannipaya'' in vinnai thandi varuvaya is a copy of TINATIC THEME MUSIC, Listen from '' melum melum.....

  1. NKB

    @Sri Rama Krishna : can you tell me from where is music from Roja copied??
    i am just curious and not able to find it :(

  1. Anonymous

    @nkb vangelis chariots of fire. not exactly a copy. an inspiration..

  1. Anonymous

    hollywood composers use more loops than rahman as a matter of fact every musician does but there no body is after them like we indians. we indian do these because we think we are inferior to them westerners if we do something good then there must be something fishy going on we must be copying but we just dont bother to see how many of their songs sound so much the same

  1. Vinitha

    Guyz i believe dat der iz sumthing similar between vishal & shekhar's golmaal(title track) n sean paul's temperature's music buh it iz 'SUMTHING' nt 'EVERYTHING' So guyz stop calling dem 'COPY CATS' k dey r nt worth it...N nt even AR Rehman is worth it ...He is way way far f4m al dis crap...K guyz

  1. ark

    who is talking about ,reggae style copying in roza. ,roza is the most original composition a composer has ever made,i m myself a composer nd can say dat there is a huge difference between copying ,plagiarism ,nd inspiration,dr r only seven notes in three different scales which is between 20 khz to 20000 khz ,beyond dat nothing is possible ,so if two tunes sound similar ,that doesnt mean that its copied.and which indian composer has not copied?allmost everybody even music directors of 50s nd 60s were inspired from bethovens symphonies.

  1. ark

    i dont know who are the people commenting here against rahman and saying that he has copied in the movie roza.what you know about 'reggae' style .I m Myself a composer(although have not started composing at big studios yet).And i can say Roza is the most original compositions ever made,nd just 2 second loop similarity doesnt mean that somebody has copied ,there is a huge difference between copying ,plagiarism and inspiration,after all there is no sound beyond 20 khz to 20000khz that we can listen ,and the music word itself is made of seven major notes in different major its qute obvious that the permutation and combinations will be made of the similar elements.

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