About a year and half back, I had written about how insecure Raja fans come and spew hatred whenever a new ARR album releases. And, the hatred increases exponentially if the album is a big hit.

These Illayaraja fans keep proving my point. There have been several examples in the past, but here's a recent example. This was in the comments section of 'Theera Ula' song lyric video in Youtube.

An Illayaraja fan who claims to be just 24 years old, but has claims to be oh-so-knowledgeable in Indian film music, Western film music and Western Classical Music. He says he has listened to all AR Rahman's music too. But, how much of this is true, I do not know. But, what I do know is he is on a mission to spread lies.

Let's see how this unfolded.
There were many comments (from ARR rans and non-ARR fans alike), raving about the song. There was a comment which said ARR is taking world music to sky level. This jealous Illayaraja fan, named Rahul Sudarshi, enters.

 This was completely uncalled for, right? Then, lies started flowing from him.

People outside India give a damn to ARR? Really? He is respected by several composers outside India - Zimmer, Vangelis, Weber to name a few. But, this Illayaraja fan doesn't care. He is on a false propaganda mission, remember?

Then, it started becoming absolutely inane.
 Please note that he is the one who first makes the point about recognition from Hans Zimmer. That too, not real recognition, just hypothetical - *IF* Zimmer and Horner get to listen to Illayaraja, they would worship his music, it seems!

There were retorts to  his silly comment, and then the Illayaraja fan says "Zimmer would not even allow ARR," whatever that means!

This is when I entered the debate to dispell the lies being spread by the hate-mongering Illayaraja fan.
I pointed out that Zimmer, in fact, appreciates ARR's music.

I used the word "worship" to make fun of the Illayaraja fan, who had used that word.
Anyway, it is a well documented fact that Hans Zimmer said "He's got the most perfect love theme (Latika's Theme) in Slumdog Millionaire which I am incredibly envious of in a loving way."

Zimmer always had good things to say about AR Rahman.
But, an Illayaraja fan whose only purpose on that youtube page was to lie and belittle AR Rahman wouldn't accept facts. As always, when faced with facts, this fellow to started abusing as his lies were exposed!

It is obvious that he didn't expect to be exposed so quickly, and he took to abusing me, as there was no way he could defend his statements! He accuses me of twisting facts, lol! The abuse continued through several replies throughout the day. He just didnt stop. Hours after my comment, this liar Illayaraja-fan kept writing new comments abusing me. He used filthy language, which is typical of Illayaraja fans - when they are cornered, this is what they resort to. He called me a maroon (I think he meant Moron, but then what more can you expect from such cheap fellows?)

Then, someone came and asked him to stop the non-sense! Then, this liar came up with another big lie - that he just talked about Hans Zimmer because someone else was talking about HZ! What a fraud this Illayaraja fan is? He was the first one to talk about Zimmer in that page!
How cheap can these fellows be? How low will they stoop? This guy keeps writing comments after comments of the same non-sense that no sane man would read them all. So, I stopped following the verbal diarrohea! How does he even have so much time to write so much of non-sense? Sometimes, I even wonder if this is all a paid propaganda :P

Anyway, just to clear one thing - my point of responding to him about Hans Zimmer is not for validation from the west. The only purpose of me posting it was to expose the lying Illayaraja fans who go around spreading lies about AR Rahman and covering up all the good things about him.

Before I close, I thank all the Illayaraja fans who keep spreading your hatred and keep validating my blog post :)